Welcome to the Liv Labs 90 Day Challenge

Much like our products, here at Liv Labs, we believe in a

full-spectrum approach to health.

For us, it’s not just about dropping pounds and ounces. It goes beyond that.

That’s why we have introduced the Liv Labs 90 Day Weight Wellness Challenge. This is your opportunity to live your best life, and get rewarded for doing so!

90 Day Challenge Prizes

Feb 21-March 21*

March 22- April 21*

April 22 – May 21*

One GRAND Prize winner!!*  

Are you going to be a monthly winner?

Are you going to win the Grand Prize?

We will select each winner based on this 4 pronged approach

Weight Loss

Ok, so this is our easy-to-measure metric.

Before and After Pics

We know that so many areas of our body can change when using Liv Labs products. We hear about improved skin, hair, mood and of course, physique. Many of our favorite victories are not based around weight! Be sure to read our guide at the bottom of the page on how to take the best B&A pics.

Your Story

Tell us how you felt before Liv Labs and how you feel NOW!

Were you tired? Sluggish?… Are you now energized and alert? 

Social Media

Show us what you’ve got! We want to see all of your progress on Facebook and/or Instagram – so use the hashtag #LivLabs90 so we can track it all. Make sure you’re connected to the Liv Labs Facebook Groups too so you don’t miss any important announcements or updates.

Real People, Real Results, Real Stories


To be entered:

To enter the 90 Day Challenge you need to drop an email to [email protected] to register and receive complete details.

1. Before pictures: Simple pictures done against a light wall – front and side shots. Fitted workout clothes, no swimsuits required
2. Recorded scale picture of beginning weight
3. Waist, upper arm and upper thigh measurements
4. Simple explanation of general overall wellness
5. 7 Day Updates
6. Post #1, 2 & 4 on https://www.facebook.com/groups/slenderlifestyle/

There will be:

A winner in March
A winner in April
A winner in May
A Grand Prize Winner

If you are currently a promoter or customer, please purchase in your back office shopping cart.

If you are neither of the above, get back with the person who invited you to this page to get your Slender Hemp ordered right away

The prizes for the monthly winners are:

1 Launch Event Ticket
30 App Samples
$200 Cash

The prizes for the Grand Prize winner are:

30 App Samples
$200 Cash
Liv Labs July Cruise for 2 including Airfare

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*Launch tickets and Cruise for two have no cash value. You must attend Launch or Cruise to redeem your prize.

(if you have previously purchased your Launch tickets, we will gift your prize tickets to the guests of your choice)

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.